Tuesday, October 15, 2013

#70: Transformers Generations - Megatron

I have a few different Megatrons in my collection, but not one that I consider a definitive Megatron (maybe I'll end up buying a Masterpiece version if they do a re-release). So when a new, cool looking one came along, a sale convinced me to pick it up. And hey, the new deluxe Generations figures come with comic books, which is a pretty good deal since an average comic costs about 3 dollars these days. So anyway, this is a deluxe figure, which means it's a the shorter side for Megatron. Fortunately, it's a pretty cool robot. He's mostly a slightly sparkly dark grey, with pink/purplish bits throughout, which makes for a cool looking color scheme. He's got the traditional bucket head helmet, and the giant cannon on his arm. It's hard to mistake this robot for anyone else.

The altmode is a pretty cool looking stealth bomber. The wing tips disconnect and attach to each other to form the robot mode's arm cannon. Going from robot to bomber is a bit tricky, in part due to a couple unclear steps in the instructions, and partly due to the difficulty of aligning parts just so. It's not the most fun transformation scheme, but it is easy enough going back to robot mode.

"Lord Megatron, you seem to have shrunk in the wash! I can barely stand to see you like this!"

"All hail Starscream!"

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