Friday, October 25, 2013

#72: Sci-Fi Revoltech 005 - Jack Skellington

I've been feeling the Halloween spirit, and I've been reading reviews of Revoltech figures but don't have any, so those circumstances combined have inspired me to pick up the Revoltech Jack Skellington figure. Jack looks pretty accurate to his onscreen appearance, so he's ridiculously tall and thin with tiny feet. The only thing that looks off is the appearance of the revolver joints which are basically swivel-hinge joints. He is very well articulated, though. Even the neck is articulated on both ends. The bow tie can rotate too, as it is attached by a peg.

Jack includes a display base which consists of a section of sidewalk with a bit of fence interrupted by a gate, with a tree behind it. The three jack o' lanterns are attached by pegs and can be repositioned. A branch of the tree plugs into the back of Jack's torso. While the coattails are parted in a way to allow the branch through, it does still push them back a little.

For accessories, Jack includes a few extra hands. There are two grabbing hands, and a pointing left hand. The hands are very easy to swap out, as they are attached by a simple peg. There is also a name plate which would wouldn't look out of place sitting in front of him on a desk. For storage, a small box made of orange translucent plastic is also included.

It seems like a lot of Japanese figures get alternate face plates with different expressions, and Jack gets four extra heads rather than different face plates. There's a scared face, a scary face, a big smile, and a thinking face. They're all very nice looking and easy to swap out on his neck.

Even though his feet are tiny, Jack can be posed without the assistance of his base.


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