Saturday, October 19, 2013

#71: Imaginext DC Super Friends - Bizarro & Safe

So far, I've managed to avoid getting any Imaginext toys, mostly because I don't need to start collecting in yet another new scale, although the playsets and vehicles are pretty cool. Then I saw there is a Bizarro set, and I do like collecting Bizarros, so I thought I would give it a try. After a couple months keeping an eye out for the set, I finally found one. This is an interesting design for Bizarro. I'm assuming it's a repaint of a New 52 version of Superman, given the lack of trunks and a belt. For some reason, New 52 Bizarro is wearing a t-shirt, so this toy isn't exactly faithful to any design. Still, it's the more purple version of his costume, which is a look I prefer, so that's cool. These toys are designed for the younger set, so articulation is fairly minimal. The shoulders are swivel-hinges, the wrists are swivels, and the legs are connected and can only swivel back and forth. His cape is also soft goods, so if I had any vehicles from the line, he'd be able to sit in it. Bizarro is packaged with a safe. It opens when you push on the dial. It's a little too small for him to fit inside. It's not really anything terribly exciting, and I would have preferred another character instead.


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