Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#74: Batman Classic TV Series - Catwoman

Finally, the sole female figure from the Batman '66 line is making its way through retail channels. Catwoman was famously played by three different actresses between the series and the movie it inspired, and this is the Julie Newmar version. Can Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriwether retools be far behind? The figure features a fairly good, if slightly cartoonish, likeness. Articulation is standard, and there's not a whole lot of paintwork necessary, but what there is seems to be good. Her gloves and boots are a more glossy black than the rest of her catsuit. She doesn't include any accessories. Her left hand is sculpted in an odd flat pose (she can tell Batman to talk to the hand), while the right is merely open. A clawing hand would have been appropriate.

Catwoman's display base features the sound effect "CRRAACK!" which is presumably the crack of a whip. Too bad she doesn't have one, although I don't remember her using one in the TV show. Not that she can hold one anyway, with her open hands. Once again, the image on the card is printed in a horizontal orientation, but the card only fits into the base vertically.

Batman surrounded!

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