Thursday, October 31, 2013

#77: The Walking Dead - Gas Mask Riot Gear Zombie

Rounding out the month of October, for Halloween, here's a thematically appropriate action figure: a Walking Dead zombie. There are figures based on the TV show, and some based on the comic. This is one of the TV figures. I'm way behind on the show, but I've been reading the comic, so although I was aware of the figures, I wasn't too interested until I saw them in person. The look of the zombie in riot gear was just too cool to pass up. It's been a long time since I last bought a McFarlane Toys figure, and I am glad to see that this is a well done toy. It's well articulated, but not super articulated. Most of the paint is on the head and chest (looks like someone vomited all over himself). Zombies aren't really known for using weapons, so he doesn't come with any accessories. Well, there is an action feature, of sorts...

A tear away face! The whole portion of his face covered by the gas mask is detachable, revealing a pretty gruesome fleshless face. Now that is an action feature I can dig.

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  1. Cool figure this is! I just received both my gas-mask & riot gear zombies thru the mail too...can't wait to open them!


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