Saturday, January 24, 2015

#2: Attack On Titan Figma - Mikasa Ackerman

After seeing all the memes and references online, I finally got around to watching Attack On Titan a couple months ago. I really liked it, so of course I looked into what the action figure options were. There is a pretty great Nendoroid set of the colossal titan and wall, but as far as more traditional figures, Figma was more along the lines of what I was looking for. Of the characters available, Mikasa is my favorite (if a Sasha Blouse figure were available, I'd probably have bought that one).

This is Figma, so there are a ridiculous amount of accessories. Of course there is a variety of hands, and three different facial expressions. There are a couple wardrobe options as well, including Mikasa's scarf (and collar for when the scarf isn't there) and a cloak which billows out behind her. Of course, the vertical maneuvering equipment is included. The vertical maneuvering equipment has its own attendant accessories, such as two swords, puffs of air for maneuvering, a couple of grappling lines in mid-launch, and some grappling lines with extra long hooked string. There is also a stand included.

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