Friday, January 30, 2015

#9: S.H. Figuarts - Luigi

I got the Figuarts Mario last year. So of course, I had to get the Luigi to go with him. Basically, he's the same as Mario. New sculpt and all that, but he's engineered in the same way. Luigi's accessories are a little different. Fortunately, Luigi includes a base and stand, so that he can be posed in mid-jump.

There is also an extra pair of hands and a shell that he can hold. I forgot to include it in the pictures, but there is a brick block as well. There's a concurrent release of an accessory pack which includes a red pipe with piranha plant, and a buzzy beetle. That's actually somewhat tempting. At least there aren't two accessory packs like when the Mario figure came out.

There's a Yoshi coming out, but I've never really felt a need for a Yoshi figure. On the other hand, Mario or Luigi will be able to pose riding on Yoshi's back...

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