Saturday, January 31, 2015

#10: Thor The Mighty Avenger Minimates - Agent Coulson and Frost Giant

There is a Marvel Legends version of Agent Coulson coming soon, and pictures of it from presumably illicit sources have started showing up on Ebay auctions. I'm definitely going to be getting that set, but when I saw the auction pictures, it made me remember that there's already a non-Hot Toys action figure of Coulson, in the form of a Minimates set from the first Thor movie. So I just ended up buying that from Ebay. The Frost Giant isn't al that exciting. In fact, it's hampered by all the add on pieces, which ultimately restrict the articulation and ensure that the head pops off very easily. It doesn't get any accessories. Minimate facial likenesses aren't always very reflective of the actors they are based on, and Clark Gregg isn't really evoked by this toy's face. But I know it's him, so that's good enough. He has a bullhorn and a pistol for accessories.

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