Thursday, January 29, 2015

#7: The LEGO Movie - Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack (70817)

Ever since LEGO started making DC super hero playsets, I've been wanting to get a Batman. I got one from a set with Catwoman, but it was a Batman with wings and no cape. All the "standard" looking Batman minifigures have been in sets that I'm too cheap to get, and that trend continued with the LEGO Movie sets. Fortunately there are still sets coming out almost a year after the movie was released, one of which includes regular Batman. Buying this set was a no brainer. Batman is armed with a batarang and a grapnel gun. Also included in the set is the super angry version of Unikitty, a skeleton robot, and one of the micro managers. Unikitty is cool, and it's a different version of her than the one I already have, so I'm glad to add it. The skeleton robot is basically a Terminator, and he includes a gun. Its proportions seem weird, and I think it's that the arms are too long or the legs are too short. The micro manager provides most of the building for the set. It even has a couple action features, with flick launch missiles, and a lever that makes the top of the manager explode off. This set sells for about ten dollars, which is a pretty great deal considering how much the individual minifigures sell for.

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  1. I love this set. Good price at $9.99. Well worthy even just for that Angry UniKitty! Please visit my video :)


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