Friday, January 30, 2015

#8: The LEGO Movie - Double-Decker Couch (70818)

I'm kind of surprised that the double-decker couch wasn't released as one of the first LEGO Movie sets. Maybe they thought it wasn't something people would want to buy, or maybe they were just holding it back for later release on purpose. It's just such a ridiculous (yet genius) idea, and fairly important to the plot of the movie, so I planned to get it as soon as I heard about its upcoming release. Presumably to up the piece count of this set, Emmet's car is also included. It's the same one he's shown driving to work in the movie, and there's even the little radio brick inside. The car also has a small storage area in the rear, which is intended to hold his hardhat. The couch is a pretty easy build, with a lot of smaller bricks. Unfortunately, no, the couch cushions don't lift up, revealing ample storage space beneath. Unless you use your imagination, of course. One of the best things about this set is that it includes five minifigures. This is a set that sells for twelve dollars or so, which means it's a great value based on the minifigures alone. There's Emmet, Unikitty, Ghost Vitruvius, President Business, and Benny. This is actually my third Emmet and Unikitty (at least this version is sitting, and has two facial expressions included), but the others are all new to me. I'm particularly glad to get Benny, who is such a fun character. This is a set that's definitely worth picking up.

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