Friday, February 20, 2015

#13: Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Maidens of Might (Captain Marvel)

For the longest time, I only knew Ms Marvel as the character that Rogue absorbed her superpowers from. Recently, she's had a bit of a renaissance, taking on the title of Captain Marvel while getting an awesome re-design and headlining her own title. Fortunately, Hasbro didn't waste too much time in getting her made into plastic. Unfortunately, this is still a hard figure to find. Hasbro may have had a bit of a rough start when they started making Marvel Legends, but they've improved considerably since then. Captain Marvel's base body may have no sculpted details on it, but it looks good and is well articulated. The head is a great presentation of Carol's masked look, complete with the distinctive faux-hawk hairstyle.

There's also an alternate unmasked head, and a glob of energy that fits over either fist to represent energy based attacks. As part of the Allfather build-a-figure wave, Captain Marvel includes Odin's unhelmeted head, axe, and cape.

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