Saturday, February 28, 2015

#17: Doctor Who - The Other Doctor

Going to Gallifrey one inspired me to fill out my roster of Doctor figures. Since there is no proper 12th Doctor figure in the 5 inch line, I went with the "other Doctor" figure. Since John Hurt won't license his likeness for other lines (NECA creatively released a figure of his character from Alien with a facehugger covering his face), this is the best way to get a John Hurt figure. It's a pretty good likeness, although the likeness on the interchangeable Paul McGann head isn't as good. The sonic screwdriver is included, but it sadly can't be holstered on his bandolier. Also included is the Time Lord weapon, the Moment. I'm kind of surprised this wasn't released as a two pack with a figure of Billie Piper as the Moment's interface. That would have been cool.

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