Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#14: Figma Ghost In The Shell - Kusanagi Motoko: S.A.C. ver.

Here it is, only February, and this is my second anime Figma. Stand Alone Complex was my introduction to Ghost In The Shell (I didn't see the original movie until afterwards), and it's one of my favorite anime series. Major Kusanagi is the main protagonist/poster woman for the series, so she's the first to get the action figure treatment for the line. I'm not sure if the rest of the team will get made, but I'm assuming that Batou would be the next in line. The Major is the standard Figma, in that the figure is very well articulated, and looks good. There is the usual assortment of hands included, as well as a stand. The Major has two hairstyles, one with the hair at rest and the second with the hair swept to one side. There is a handgun and a machine gun with detachable silencer also included. Her three interchangeable expressions are yelling, stern, and one with a slight smile.

Now I really need a Tachikoma...

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