Friday, September 23, 2016

#50: Marvel Collector Corps Pop! - Squirrel Girl

Now that she's in her own title, Squirrel Girl is finally coming into her own as a character and getting more widespread attention. Naturally, this means toys! There's a plush and a Minimate on the way, but Funko struck first with a Pop! version of this unbeatable hero. Squirrel Girl is exclusive to the Marvel Collector Corps service, so I had to subscribe. There is some other stuff in the box, but that's irrelevant here because none of it is Squirrel Girl. Due to licensing restrictions, Marvel and Star Wars Pops are bobbleheads. Her tail is heavy enough to make her lean backwards, but fortunately it goes low enough so that she can rest on it. When flat on her feet, it is slightly above the ground, so that may or may not be intentional. In a rare move, there is an accessory tiny Pop included, the squirrel Tippy Toe, who is sporting her trademark bow.

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