Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#54: Marvel Legends - Rogue

The weird 90s trend of putting leather jackets on superheroes was generally more on the terrible side. But in Rogue's case, I'd say it worked out pretty well. You can probably blame the Saturday morning X-Men cartoon, but that Jim Lee era is always going to be the most iconic iteration of the X-Men to me. So I'm pretty glad that Hasbro decided to make a Rogue figure with this look, and that it turned out well. Her hair is sculpted in a somewhat windblown position, which helps it avoid getting too much in the way of the head articulation. The tops of her boots and the ends of her gloves are separate pieces that rest on their respective limbs. Rogue's sole accessory is pretty cool: an alternate bare hand, so she can use her memory/power absorbing ability.

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