Monday, September 26, 2016

#53: Marvel Legends - Iceman

Remember how Hasbro used to release holographic versions of Star Wars characters, which were basically just unpainted versions of the character cast in translucent blue? With Iceman figures, that seems to be the standard figure. Have they ever released a non-ice form Bobby Drake figure from the comics? I'm not sure. Now a figure based on his early "snowball" appearance would be interesting. Anyway. This is a more modern Iceman. It seems to be mostly based on the Spider-Man body, what with the thin frame and extra rotating shoulder joints. But the head, forearms, hands, lower legs, and possibly feet are new sculpts. I'm not sure whether you'd count it as an accessory, but the spiky ice piece on his back is removable. The only paint on Iceman is some white for his eyes. It would be cool if he had included some sort of ice slide accessory like the smaller figure from the Wolvreine line, or the Toy Biz one I had as a kid. Even without, it's still a cool figure. Pun not intended (that time).

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