Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#59: Power Rangers Legacy Collection - Green Ranger

My birthday was about two and a half months ago. This was a birthday gift. That's how far behind I am currently. Anyway, Bandai has been putting out these Power Ranger Legacy figures for a while. They're basically the Marvel Legends of Power Rangers, as they're in a six inch scale and well articulated. They even have a build a figure, which for the first couple of series is the original Megazord. The movie reboot wasn't out yet when the Green Ranger was in stores, so I missed out. Fortunately, I was given this figure for my birthday. My only experience with Bandai figures recently has been the Figuarts toys, and while this figure isn't as nice, this does feel like it's by the same company. There is plentiful articulation, and overall the figure feels well made. There are a few accessories: the Sword of Death, the infamous dagger/flute, and a spare set of hands posed for flute playing. If the first series of figures was still readily available, I'd feel very tempted to assemble the classic MMPR team.

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  1. I'm not even really a Power Rangers fan, but I loved this action figure!


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