Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#46: Masters of the Universe Classics - Megator

Lately reports have been surfacing of Mattycollector exclusives showing up on the cheap at Big Lots. I am glad to report that this is absolutely true. Aside from Megator, there were the SDCC exclusive Skeletor and Mo-Lar sets as well as the 12 inch Egon and Ray Ghostbusters sets. Megator and Mo-Lar sets were 10 bucks apiece, while the Ghostbusters set was 30 bucks. 10 dollars! Megator was originally 40 dollars, plus shipping, which probably came out to over 50 dollars. So this is one hell of a deal. When Megator originally was released, I had no interest in it, because I had no idea who the character is, but when I saw them on the shelf for so cheap, it was impossible to resist. Having read the bio on the back, I'm still not particularly invested in the character (was he even in the cartoon?), but whatever. He's a giant green figure with a ridiculously oversized ball and chain weapon. What's not to like? Well, due to typical Mattel cost saving measures, Megator has a lot of rotocast pieces, which make him feel really lightweight for his size, and lead to reduced articulation from the MOTUC standard. If I'd paid full price for him, I would feel disappointed. But I only paid 10 bucks, so I'm totally satisfied with the value of my purchase.

The other accessory Megator comes packaged with is a zombie head. It has rooted hair, which is cool. But the expression on the face is really goofy looking, so I'll definitely be sticking with the standard head for display.

No more upskirts, Photog! Bad Photog!

Here's a quick size comparison, guest starring the Fearless Photog.

#45: K'Nex Super Mario Series 2 - Shy Guy

First appearing in Super Mario Bros. 2, the Shy Guy has proven popular enough to transcend Mario's dreams and make it into the wider Super Mario universe. There's something I really like about the design of tiny guys in cloaks with slightly shocked looking masks. There's also a certain ridiculousness to the Shy Guy, he'll just keep walking back and forth, even if you're standing on his head. Finding him in the package is easy, as his lower torso is a separate piece, so you just have to feel for a perfectly round piece. His arms and feet are also packaged separately, so feeling for small loose pieces will help as well. The packaging has an easy way to identify which figure is which. There is a number printed on the back, with one digit underline. Shy Guy has the sixth digit underlined. For example: 0513119.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#44: K'Nex Super Mario Series 2 - Koopa Paratroopa

Next in the batch of Super Mario K'Nex figures is the Koopa Paratroopa, one of the classic enemies of Mario. Befitting a character that does nothing more than floating back and forth in a tightly proscribed pattern, the Koopa Paratroopa has a rather vacant expression on his face. The wings aren't articulated, but they are a fairly soft plastic, so I suppose you could put the shell in boiling water and reset their position if you were so inclined. The wings are what makes the Koopa Paratroopa rather easy to find by touch alone. The packaging has an easy way to identify which figure is which. There is a number printed on the back, with one digit underline. Koopa Paratroopa has the fifth digit underlined. For example: 0513119.

#43: K'Nex Super Mario Series 2 - Wario

K'Nex has done another series of blind packed minifigures, and they finally released one of the characters I've been waiting for: Wario. With his extra wide physique, he's completely new parts. Thanks to the parts being wrapped in tissue in the packaging, using the touch method to find what you want is a bit more iffy than with the LEGO series. His body being extra wide helps. Fortunately, there is a very easily determined number code on the back of the packaging that indicates what inside, if you know how to read it. There is a number printed on the back, with one digit underline. Wario has the second digit underlined. For example: 0513119.

Monday, July 29, 2013

#42: Hot Wheels - Batmobile

Finally! I've been keeping an eye out for the Tim Burton Batman '89 style Batmobile for a while now, and it finally showed up at Target. It was the only one on the pegs, so I'm guessing it's shortpacked. Because Mattel hates you, that's why. There is a recent release called the Ratmobile, which always threw me off when I was looking through the pegs due to its all too similar name. I saw the front end of the Batmobile first and instantly recognized it. The Batmobile is in the Imagination sub-line, which has the green section on the right hand side of the card, and it is numbered 61/250. I've always been a fan of this version of the Batmobile, and I think it still looks cool even today. It's a good addition to my Batmobile collection, and if I can ever find the Bat and the Tumbler, I'll be done until the next cool design gets made.

Monday, July 15, 2013

#41: Mythbusters - Buster

A week or so ago, I someone mention on Twitter that the Discovery Channel store was having a clearance on Buster figures, and there was free shipping. I had no idea that a Buster figure had ever been made, so I went to check it out. At 75% off, this was a deal I could not refuse. In case you don't know who Buster is, go check out the TV show Mythbusters. It's entertaining, educational, and they blow up a lot of stuff. Buster is the dummy they often use in set ups when it's unsafe to use a living person. The toy version is much more brightly colored, and lacks the various burn marks and overall beaten up appearance of the original. Buster is all swivels and hinge joints. The swivels are all pretty loose (particularly on the hips), but he will hold a pose fairly well. Unfortunately, the ankles are only swivels, so it can be a bit hard to get him in a balanced position for standing. He's in an odd scale, oversized for a six or seven inch figure, but pretty much the same height as the buildable DCUC Bane (who is himself oversized). If I'd paid full price, with shipping, I'd probably be disappointed. But for less than five bucks, Buster is pretty cool.


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