Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#85: Justice League Mission Vision - Batman

Did you know that Batman can breathe in space? It's true! This figure proves it. Released over ten years ago, this Batman is from one of the Timm-verse Justice League tie in toy lines. Batman is sporting some bulky armor with a face shield. It's a shield that protects the front of his face, but doesn't cover his head. There's some mechanical wings hanging off the back, with a projectile that can be launched out of it. He's also carrying a bat-shaped shield.

The shield opens up to expose a lenticular image, which I'm guessing was the gimmick for all the Mission Vision figures. The image depicts Batman in this toy's armor, fighting Darkseid. In space. Since the shield doesn't cover his head, there's no way it's providing oxygen for him. Batman is breathing in space!

The alternate image is a more action packed shot from the same battle.

All the armor can be removed, leaving a standard JLU styled Batman figure. That can't stand up on its own. With the armor on, he can balance well enough, but without it, he just falls over. The hips don't have enough give in them to make him balance.

I can't take credit for discovering this hidden power of Batman. That honor goes to David Willis, the author of the webcomic Shortpacked!, who did a strip on the subject a few years ago. I've always kept that amusing fact in the back of my head, then at the toy show I went to last month I saw the Mission Vision Superman, which made me decide to get the space breathing Batman figure for myself. This is the kind of ridiculous I can appreciate.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

#84: Star Wars The Black Series - Speeder Bike with Biker Scout

It's not surprising that the first vehicle for the six inch Black Series is the speeder bike, as it's basically the smallest interesting vehicle. With the scale, both price and space become more of an issue. Sure, they could make Yoda's hover chair, and maybe they'll make a STAP some time down the line. But speeder bikes are just cool. Although the speeder bike doesn't have the exploding action feature of its smaller cousin, it does include a clear plastic base so that it can "hover," which is definitely welcome as a display option. The scout trooper is a  good figure, featuring all the necessary articulation to pilot the bike. He includes the small holdout blaster which holsters on the side of his boot.

Word is that Target has an exclusive set featuring a shadow scout trooper with speeder bike and shadow stormtrooper set (black repaints!) coming out later this year. Although I'm trying not to troop build with this scale, I might find it hard to resist. Either way, this is a cool set.

Friday, September 26, 2014

#83: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-Man - Agent Venom

I haven't read any comics featuring Agent Venom, but I know it's Peter Parker's high school bully Flash Thompson in the suit, and it's a really cool design. Enough to sell me on the figure. It's a Walgreen's exclusive, and I'm still getting used to the idea of Walgreen's being a big enough presence in toy retail that they are getting not one, but several exclusives. The tentacles accessory plugs somewhat loosely into his back, and the tentacles can hold his guns. He comes with four guns. Four guns. Heeeeeeey....

Finally, some handguns for Tasha!
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