Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#34: Star Wars The Black Series - Imperial AT-ACT Driver

I haven't been able to find the Baze and Chirrut figures yet, but in the meantime there's the Target exclusive AT-ACT driver. I definitely remember the AT-ACTs in the movie, the AT-AT's weaker cousin, but not sure if any of the drivers appeared onscreen. Maybe somewhere in the background. Before I saw this figure, I would have assumed they looked more like an AT-AT driver. But they are just repainted Scarif sandtroopers. Go figure. At least they still look cool. The only accessory is a standard stormtrooper blaster.

Monday, April 24, 2017

#33: Marvel Legends - Colossus

After his appearance in Deadpool, Colossus is probably the most culturally relevant that he's ever been. So it's fitting that he get a new Marvel Legends figure. He's appropriately massive, and is sporting a modern costume that I'm not familiar with. Definitely an improvement over his original costume with the thigh boots, though. He has two interchangeable heads, one with the classic flattop, and one with a slightly longer 'do and a beard. Superheroes have classically been a clean shaven bunch, but I think the bearded look works surprisingly well for Colossus.

Friday, April 21, 2017

#32: Marvel Legends Civil War - Falcon

Falcon was really cool when he showed up in The Winter Soldier, so I was disappointed that Hasbro didn't make a Marvel Legends version of him. So when he showed up with a more comic inspired color scheme for Civil War, I was pretty glad that Hasbro was finally making him. I was less thrilled that he would be a Wal-Mart exclusive. Although I've never seen one at a Wal-Mart in person (except the one I saw which had been swapped out for a Vision figure and returned), I was finally able to get one from Amazon for retail price, plus shipping. Overall, it's a cool figure, with suitably big wings. They aren't articulated, but they plug into his backpack in a way that keeps them removable. There is a folded up Redwing drone that plugs into his backpack as well, and another version that is unfolded for flight mode. With the wings, it's not surprising that there aren't more accessories, but it would have been cool if he'd included his machine pistols as well. At last, my Team Cap is complete.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

#31: Hot Wheels - The Dark Knight Batmobile (228/250)

I'm glad Mattel likes to re-issue Batmobiles because I never got a regular version of the Tumbler. I have the Dark Knight Rises version with desert camo, but that's way less cool looking than black. When they re-issue vehicles, they tend to slightly alter coloring, presumably to differentiate releases. So this version has red rings on the wheels, as well as red tinted windows. That's obviously not true to screen, but I can live with that kind of difference.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

#30: WWE - Undertaker

Having always been interested in the supernatural, the Undertaker was of course a wrestler I liked during the small amount of time I was paying attention to wrestling. I first learned the word pallbearer thanks to his manager being named Paul Bearer. This version is from the same cheaper sub-line of figures that I got Sgt Slaughter from, so he only has swivel hips. Judging by the "Deadman Inc" on his pants, this Undertaker is from the early 2000s when he was doing some sort of biker persona, rather than the supernatural act I associate with him. My timing on getting this figure was pretty appropriate, as the Undertaker has just retired.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#29: Voltron Legendary Defender - Voltron

Finally, with all five of the lions in my collection, I can form Voltron. At about a foot and a half tall, this is a pretty sizable Voltron, definitely bigger than the original from when I was a kid. I like that all four of the lions that form the limbs get different sculpts from each other. Although that's accurate to their design, it would have been easy to cheap out and just do one sculpt for the legs and one for the arms. All the limbs are the same price, so they are all similarly sized, with the legs being larger. This does have a drawback of the arms looking a little too long. Also, the elbows are fairly restricted and don't bend as much as I'd like. While there are some definite drawbacks to this version of Voltron, they are outweighed by having such a large Voltron that is assembled from the five different lions. It's still very cool looking. There is a smaller, Voltron that can't be disassembled which is cheaper and more proportional, and looks to have better articulation. That might be a better option, depending on what you're looking for. For me, having a Voltron that is formed from the lions is pretty important, so I'm glad to have this version.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

#28: Voltron Legendary Defender - Legendary Red Lion

Finally, the last lion of the Voltron force, the red lion. Its main accessory is a big projectile launcher that plugs in on its back. It looks like it could do some damage as a melee weapon as well, if ammo runs low. There's also the small Keith in speeder accessory which can be stowed in the lion's chest. Voltron's sword comes in two pieces, and one of them comes with the red lion (not pictured here).

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#27: Voltron Legendary Defender - Legendary Yellow Lion

When I got the green and blue lions, the yellow and red lions were gone by the next time I went back. I had to wait a while, but eventually they got back in stock. When I found them, the blue and green lions were already gone, so it makes me wonder if the same person who bought the yellow and red lions before got the blue and green lions this time. So anyway, here's the yellow lion, piloted by Hunk. Of the lions, this one is the tank, and forms the left leg. There is a detachable disk launcher that shoots the disks surprisingly far. This time around, I remembered to leave out the little speeder for size comparison.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

#26: WWE - Sgt. Slaughter

I got the Macho Man figure a while ago, and was impressed by it. Since I never got a Sgt. Slaughter figure in the GI Joe line (old school or more recent revival), I figured my best bet would be a wrestling figure. So when I saw this figure for a surprisingly cheap 10 or so dollar price, I bought it. As far as I can tell, these basic figures are cheaper because they have decreased hip articulation and are re-releases of older figures. The hips have only swivels, so they can move forward and backward, but with no lateral movement. The date sculpted onto the bottom of his boots is 2011. Fair enough, I guess the lower price is a reasonable trade off for a six inch figure these days. Aside from the hips, the articulation is otherwise good enough. His hat and sunglasses are both removable. I don't know if he ever wore this particular outfit in the ring, but it's basically what he wore in the G.I. Joe cartoon, so I'm thinking of this as the only six inch G.I. Joe figure.
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