Sunday, August 28, 2016

#39: DC Multiverse - Arrow

Sadly, Mattel's take on the Arrow TV series version of the Green Arrow is not from the most recent season, where Ollie has a cooler costume and is actually going as Green Arrow rather than the Arrow or the Hood, or whatever. Fortunately, it is at least from the time after Barry gave him a mask, so he's not the greasepaint look. It's a pretty standard Mattel figure, so it's okay all around. Something about the likeness is off, and instead of Stephen Amell, I can't help but see Alfie Allen as Theon from Game of Thrones. For accessories, naturally a bow and arrow are included. The bow itself doesn't have a string of any kind to it, but the arrow (green, of course)  plugs into Ollie's knuckles as if he's about to draw it back in preparation of shooting it. That's a neat touch. The hood is only attached to his head, so it doesn't hinder the neck articulation.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

#38: Marvel Legends - Thor

My local Target isn't necessarily the most happening place for moving Marvel Legends figures, so you can usually find some figures from a few waves back (and for some reason 5 Hyperion figures). I'd always thought it would be cool to get this Thor figure, but never committed to actually doing so. Then there was a half off coupon for Marvel Legends figures in their coupon app, and that's all I needed. The most noticeable thing about this figure is how massive it is. There’s a nice heft to it, and it’s tall. There have definitely been build a figures that are smaller than Thor. Since it’s a modern look for Thor, the colors are more muted than a classic version. For accessories, the only one that counts is included. Mjolnir looks like it could use a good cleaning. All told, it’s a good figure, and I’m glad I got it, despite how long that took.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

#37: Ghostbusters - Stay Puft Balloon Ghost

When I saw the Mr Stay Puft figure in the new toy line, I wasn't sure if it's because the big guy was appearing in the new movie, or if it was just a throwback for the toys. Turns out, it is in the movie, but in balloon form. Hence the balloon ghost name. It's a pretty nice looking representation of everybody's favorite marshmallow mascot. It's from the cheaper segment of the Ghostbusters toy line, so it has reduced articulation, as well as a light up feature. The head swivels, the shoulders and hips have swivel hinges, and the wrists are either swivels or very restricted ball joints. The light up feature is activated by pushing the knot in his scarf, which cause his torso and head to light up with a red light. Not the most exciting action feature, but it's not obtrusive either, so I'm okay with it. If nothing else, I'm glad I finally got a Mr Stay Puft action figure.
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