Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#25: Marvel Legends Series (12 inch) - Captain America

Since I enjoyed the 12 inch Marvel Legends Iron Man figure, I decided to get the Captain America too. Initially, I was not a fan of the weird shoulder pad thing he's got going on. I'm still not a fan, but that's really my only complaint about the figure. Naturally, he comes with his shield. It has straps to attach to his arm, or the straps can be removed and it can plug into his back. The spot where it plugs in on his back is covered with a star, and if you push the star on his chest, it pushes out the star on his back. I guess that's one way of making sure he doesn't go around with a random hole on his back when not stowing his shield there. He also has an alternate unmasked head, as well as a spare mask. He has two sets of hands: one for grasping, and one set of fists.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

#24: World of Nintendo Animal Crossing - Villager

I usually can't resist Animal Crossing toys, so I was keeping an eye out for the Villager figure from World of Nintendo. It actually comes in two sizes, the smaller unarticulated version, and this larger version with some articulation. Due to the design of the character, having articulation once translated to three dimensions isn't very helpful. Mostly it's only useful for making sure he stays balanced enough to stand. I'm kind of disappointed that this version of the Villager isn't the default skin from Super Smash Bros, because that had all those memes about the character being a psycho killer. Alas, the hands are just spherical and unable to hold anything, like an axe. This version is wearing the Nintendo shirt with the number 1889 on it, which is the year the company was founded. The Villager's only accessory is a piece of furniture, represented as a leaf in game. Which piece of furniture is it? That's up to you to decide.

Friday, March 24, 2017

#23: Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - Yondu

Although Yondu was left out of the Guardians of the Galaxy series of Marvel Legends for the first movie, this time around there will be two series and the first one does include him. There are two heads included for the figure, both with great likenesses of Michael Rooker, that reflect his appearance in both films. There is the first movie version with a great grin, and the second movie version with the more comic-styled big red mohawk. That head has his lips pursed in a whistle, which goes with Yondu's accessory, the arrow that he used to great effect in the first movie. It's attached to a long trail of energy which can plug into the holster on his side. It's kind of thin plastic, so it will definitely start drooping due to gravity.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

#22: S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z - Super Saiyan Vegeta (Premium Color Edition)

Along with Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z was probably the most prominent anime series on Toonami when I was younger. Fortunately, Bandai has been making Figuarts for this series as well, which are huge improvements over the five points of articulation DBZ toys they had at back then. Although Goku is the hero of the series, I've always thought Vegeta is a lot more fun as a character. It was an important moment for him when he finally achieved the ability to go Super Saiyan, and his Saiyan armor is much cooler looking than the earlier version with the big shoulder pads, so this is the best version of the character figure form for me. It's got the usual high level of articulation for Figuarts figures, as well as a dew swappable hands and faces. Since I'm just getting around to buying these figures, I'm glad that Bandai is doing these "premium color edition" re-releases. They are a way better value than the original releases which have shot up in price, and they feature more anime-inspired bright color schemes.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

#21: Marvel Legends X-Men - Dazzler

With her bellbottoms, Farrah hair, disco singing career, and disco ball necklace, Dazzler is one of the most 70s things ever. Oddly, the character didn't actually debut until 1980. I don't think I've ever actually read a comic with Dazzler in it, and this is definitely one of those cases of buying the figure because I'm so impressed that it exists. Also, roller skates. Sadly, the wheels don't roll. At this size, and for this price, I didn't expect them to, but it would have been cool. For accessories, she has a microphone, and a multi-colored effects piece to represent her mutant ability to convert sound into light.
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