Saturday, July 30, 2016

#36: WWE Hall of Fame - "Macho King" Randy Savage

I was never really into wrestling, but I've been kind of curious about Mattel's line of wrestling figures. Target had them on sale for half price, so I decided to pick up this Macho Man... wait, Macho King? I guess that was a phase of his career? I don't know. He has a crown and a scepter, so that goes well with the king thing. The Macho Man Randy Savage is probably one of the most iconic wrestlers from his time, and thanks to Slim Jim ads (and Spider-Man!), he managed to stay present in pop culture consciousness while managing to avoid any public screw-ups. So he was an easy choice of figure to go with. Also, I was partly inspired in wanting a Macho Man figure due to the blog "Macho Man Wins." Interestingly, these wrestling figures are in a slightly larger scale than Mattel's superhero figure lines. The articulation is better than Mattel's current superhero figures as well. If I were into wrestling, I'd probably end up buying a lot more of these. Macho Man's crown and sunglasses are removable, and the scepter is the only other accessory.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

#35: Ghostbusters - Jillian Holtzmann

Since I'm so far behind on my blog updating, I actually bought this figure at least a month before the new Ghostbusters movie came out. Based on the trailers, I figured Holtzmann would be the character I liked best (I was right) so I just bought her figure. It looks pretty decent, and the articulation is pretty typical for Mattel figures, so no real surprises here. That weird mismatch on the legs at the thigh swivels is something I never noticed until looking at this picture. Upon closer examination, it is only very slightly noticeable to the naked eye under normal lighting conditions. The neutrino wand is connected to the proton pack by a cable, and can hang off its side. It looks like the entire pack is removable, but I'm not planning to try and take it off. This is a toy blog, not a movie review blog, but I will say that I really liked the new Ghostbusters. The whole cast was hilarious, but Kate McKinnon really steals the show as Holtzmann.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#34: DC Comics Multiverse - Knightmare Batman

I still haven't got around to buying a figure of Batman's regular costume, but here's his crazy fever dream/vision of the future/whatever costume, dubbed Knightmare Batman. This costume is just so ridiculous, I can't help but love it. Gone is Batman's traditional cape, replaced by a trench coat. And now he's wearing cargo pants. Why does he have wrappings around his wrists, on top of his normal gloves? Who knows! The future is crazy! Since the evil Superman post-apocalyptic Earth is a desert world, there is also a scarf around his neck, and he has removable goggles. There are also three batarangs. It's the usual style of articulation, although the elbows basically don't bend at all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#33: DC Comics Multiverse - Reverse Flash

Of the various superhero shows on TV these days, The Flash is probably my favorite. It's a lot of fun, and not afraid to be comic book-y as hell. Fortunately, Mattel's Multiverse line means they are making figures of the TV shows, that probably wouldn't otherwise support individual lines. I don't have Barry yet, but I do have his first season nemesis, Reverse Flash. I'm not sure how much Reverse Flash is a straight repaint (the head, chest, and left hand are different). Articulation is pretty standard for Mattel. The waist swivels, but there's no ab crunch. There are no accessories, except the build a figure piece.
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