Tuesday, August 11, 2009

#86: G.I. Joe set

Entertainment Earth is having one of its periodic big sales, so I decided to finally pick up this box set of Joes. It would have been cheaper to buy in a store since that wouldn't have involved shipping, and I had been thinking about picking up this set for a while. Unfortunately, I underestimated just how quickly all the non-movie G.I. Joe toys would be replaced with the movie merchandise, and I haven't seen this set in stores for a while. Even though I already have a Snake Eyes, I figured it would be a good way to pick up some characters I don't have, and cost less than buying them separately. Also, my Joe forces have been outnumbered by Cobra for a while, so they could use the reinforcements.

I've never had a Lady Jaye figure before. In fact, I don't think I had any of the females from the Joe-verse back when I was a kid. There was a single carded Lady Jaye, but she was wearing a hat and didn't really look like she did in the cartoon, so even if I had seen one in stores, I would have skipped it. Unless they come out with a movie version that I really like, I can't see needing another version of her.

Hawk is another Joe I've never had a toy for. Not much to say about him, he's a good figure.

I never had a Flint either. The first G.I. Joe five pack had a gloveless Flint, which annoyed people. I'm glad they fixed it for this release.

On to the real stars of this set: Polly and Timber! Oh yeah, they come with Shipwreck and Snake Eyes, too. The strap on Shipwreck's bag has little nubs that Polly can attach to. The shoulder seems an appropriately pirate-y place for Polly to sit, I approve. I think I had a Shipwreck when I was younger, but I'm not completely sure. Mostly I remember this Jack Nicholson sound-alike from that somewhat freaky episode of the cartoon where Cobra has him trapped in some sort of virtual world, and people melted.

This is my second Snake Eyes from this line, so I wasn't too excited about it. Fortunately, it's different enough from my other version that I like it. This Snake Eyes looks even more like the cartoon version, and even has a different version of Timber.

There were also some extra weapons, stands, and file cards included. This round of five packs doesn't have the sound box like the first sets did, but I already have one that plays the G.I. Joe theme, so I don't need another. I should have bought the Cobra one when I saw it on clearance. Oh well!


  1. Duh, I feel dumb now I had to go see if my Shipwreck had the little posts on the bag so Polly could attach. He is now one of the most awesome figures in the line!

  2. I got this set, its Cobra equivalent and two Resolute boxed sets for $12 each at Fred Meyer.

    TJ Maxx has some 3-packs for $9.99, too.

  3. @ Geekcreek: Wow, good finds! I'm not sure if either of those stores are in my area, but I'll have to check them out if I get the chance.


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