Thursday, August 27, 2009

#92: G.I. Joe Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)

My second Snake Eyes this month! When I saw the costume for Snake Eyes, I figured I could pass on any figures based on it. I'm not a fan of the sculpted muscles look, and especially not a fan of the face sculpted onto his mask. It just looks wrong, somehow. Then I saw pictures of this version and decided he would be worth picking up. Basically he looks more like the cartoon version, so there is no weird face. Plus he's got an overcoat. Neat! He doesn't wear the coat in the movie during the actual chase scene that this figure is meant to represent, but he does wear it while in the transport on the way to Paris. So it's somewhat film accurate, at least. This version only has one sword, a knife, a handgun, and a rifle. The sword fits in a sheath on his back, and I slid the knife into the strap on his chest, leaving his hands free to hold his guns. He doesn't have any holsters for them. Instead of a ridiculously oversized cannon of some sort, Snake Eyes comes with his faithful companion Timber. This is the same version of Timber that came with the five pack version of Snake Eyes. I'm getting to have quite a pack of wolves now. There are a couple movie versions of Snake Eyes out already, with more to come (of course!), but this is the one I recommend.

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