Friday, August 14, 2009

Yo, Joe

A few days ago, I received the toy that I'll be posting about next. I haven't posted about it yet because I haven't opened it yet. The packaging is so cool that I haven't felt ready to open it yet. In fact, the packaging is so nice that I probably will keep it even after it's been opened. So far the only other time that has happened is the packaging for the mailaway Captain Rex figure, because the back of the card folds out into a diorama and it makes a neat display.

I finally got to the theater to watch G.I. Joe yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It certainly did a better job of reminding me of what I liked about it so much as a kid than either of the Transformers movies did. I hope they come out with another cartoon! Speaking of the movie, I have some information about the inevitable sequel. Look who will be joining the team:


Luke Skywalker!

Kidding aside, I was amused by how well the Rebel commando suit or whatever it is fits in with the movie G.I. Joe aesthetic. Even if the scales don't exactly match between the two lines. Luke may be short, but not that short.


  1. Damn, that Scarlett figure is tall.

  2. Hey I like that luke skywalker. Is that an exclusive? I never seen that in retail yet!

  3. Leon, that Luke figure came in a comic two pack taht I bought a few months ago. It's a good set to pick up if you see it!


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