Thursday, October 14, 2010

#106: Star Wars K-Mart exclusive Jodo Kast

So in case you're wondering who Jodo Kast is, he's a bounty hunter that pretended to be Boba Fett, which resulted in Boba Fett kicking his ass and leaving him to die. Mainly, he appeared in the Star Wars RPG and a couple of comics. This was all in the early days of the Expanded Universe, so he's not exactly a well known character. Oddly enough, this is his second action figure. The first was released early in the Legacy Collection but suffered from arms permanently stuck at a 90 degree angle, having been based on a mediocre Boba Fett mold. Now, Hasbro has gone back to the drawing board, and re-used a superior Boba Fett mold, as well as sculpting a new head to go under the removable helmet. So basically this is the best figure that you can likely hope for of Jodo Kast. I never would have guessed he would get a second release, but there it is. Being mostly a cheap repaint was probably in his favor.

To make up for how well this figure turned out otherwise, it has been released as a K-Mart exclusive. Given how few K-Marts are still around, that might make for some difficulty tracking it down. I was able to order mine from their website, so you may be able to order one too if you want one. If you sign up for a free trial their premium shipping service, you can get free shipping, then cancel the trial afterwards. Which is what I did. It's a dollar or so more than a normal figure at retail, so nearly doubling that with shipping would have made the price too steep for my tastes. Also be warned, K-Mart does a terrible job of packing their products. The figure arrived in a huge box which could have easily accommodated probably 20 carded figures, and there was no packing material holding it in place, it was just rattling around loose inside. The card was slightly bent, but the toy itself was fine. If you're one of those people that don't open their toys, it is something to watch out for.

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  1. Never even heard of this guy.
    ...was trying to think of the last time I saw a K-Mart... ??


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