Sunday, October 17, 2010

#109: Doctor Who The Master

Perhaps the Doctor's greatest nemesis is the Master. Like the Doctor, he's a renegade Time Lord, but he'd rather rule the Universe than help people. As one of the few people that can match the Doctor intellectually, it's always trouble when he shows up. The Master has been played by a few different actors through the years, and this is the most recent version, played by John Simm. Apparently John Simm has a face that's hard to capture as an action figure head, because although there have been a couple figures so far based on him, they haven't yet made a good likeness. The hair doesn't look right at all, unfortunately. I think the expression they went with is also part of the problem. John Simm's Master is pretty manic, so the calm expression doesn't look right. The picture they used on the package shows him with a crazy grin, and I think that would have been appropriate to use for the figure as well. Other than that, my only complaint is that the right bicep swivel seems to be stuck, even after some time in the freezer. Hopefully the next time they make a John Simm Master (assuming that they do), it will have a better likeness.

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  1. I agree - they haven't quite captured him, have they! His face is always alive with emotion and this 'blank faced stare' is one I have never, ever seen him emote - so no wonder it doesn't really look like him, although in profile you can see a passing likeness. In some ways, the 'Time Squad' mini-master is a better likeness, having a smug little grin! I'm just waiting for a HoodyMaster Standee (lifesize cardboard figure) - i emailed the company that makes them and they said they would ask the bbc... never heard any more. Perhaps if enough people did it...


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