Monday, October 25, 2010

#113: Ghostbusters Minimates Dr. Peter Venkman and Energized Terror Dog

Over a year ago when I got my first Ghostbuster Minimates, I said that I would prefer an unslimed Venkman. Finally I got one. At last, my Ghostbusters team is complete. It's nice that every Minimates Ghostbuster includes a proton stream, unlike Ghostbuster figures currently made by another company. The other half of the set is the energized terror dog. I guess terror dog is the official name for them, but that's never how I thought of them. Because this is the energized version, it's mostly semi-translucent plastic. What's neat about the terror dog is that it's a regular Minimate body in there, with a bunch of additional parts to give it that canine appearance. I'd have preferred a regular version,, but weird variant terror dog is better than none.


  1. I really like the proton stream here, even if it is just molded plastic, I think it looks A LOT better than the one put out by Mattel. Too bad it isn't longer, then you could swap.:D

  2. I agree, they really did a good job of translating the proton stream to plastic.


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