Sunday, April 17, 2011

#36: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Clone Trooper (212th Battalion)

Aaaaaaaand, I'm back. It's been kind of slow lately, but thanks to some stuff being in stock at and a 20% discount code, I've' got something to write about. It's yet another clone trooper, so there's not much new to say. The helmet is removable, and it's got the ball jointed hips, so it's got good articulation. This is an updated version of a figure I have from the Revenge of the Sith line, one of the troops that Obi-Wan lead to attack the Separatist base on Utapau. I've got a couple troopers from this unit which probably is second to the 501st in number of figures that have been made for it.


  1. Wait a minute what happened to all the Will Smith toys???

    Just kidding, this is one I need to pick up, but it seems like the clones in our area are hanging around on the shelves longer than most others so every time I see one I end up seeing a figure I "need" more, LOL.

  2. Hello back. When will we get to hear from Mario again? LOL.

    Just kidding too. And it's great to see more Star Wars stuff. I can't wait until you get more Lego minifigs.

  3. @chunky B: It's cool that they're plentiful in your area. Maybe you'll be able to score one on sale!

    @Novelty: I haven't seen the 4th series of LEGO minifigures, so I may miss out on that wave. :( I've got more Star Wars stuff coming up, though!

  4. ha ha, I wish they would put these on sale, if they do i will check your side bar to see if you need anything.


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