Monday, April 25, 2011

#41: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Zam Wesell

When I was ordering Thundercracker, I looked around Hasbrotoyshop to see if there was anything else I could add to the order to help defray the shipping costs. I've been looking for Zam Wesell, and fortunately she was in stock. I've never had a figure of Zam before, as I wasn't really collecting toys when Attack of the Clones came out. I don't think they've released another version of her since I started collecting again, so I'm glad that this version pretty much covers all the bases for what I would want from a Zam Wesell figure. Can't decide whether you prefer her human or Clawdite face? You've got options, with swappable heads. The helmet is removable, and the goggles or whatever flip up. There are two versions of the cloth piece that attach to the helmet, one to cover her face, and one to hang loosely. She has her blaster pistol, which can be holstered, and her rifle. This is very good representation of the character, I'd say she's worth picking up.

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