Saturday, April 30, 2011

#45: Marvel Universe - Mystique

So I walked into Target, and there was a shocking amount of new Marvel Universe figures on the pegs. When I had placed my order at Hasbrotoyshop a while ago, Mystique was in stock, and I considered adding her to my cart. I didn't order her then, but when I saw her on the peg I decided to pick her up. It's a decent figure, although still the same basic female body as the other women in the line. The addition of her dress does help her to stand out a little, and I think it works out pretty well. The paint is kind of fuzzy where the edges of her clothes meet skin. The white seems too thin in places, with blue showing through. She comes with a big machine gun, and while I don't know how much sense that makes for her, it is better than no accessories at all.

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