Sunday, April 24, 2011

#40: Transformers Generations - Thundercracker

Finally my collection of Seekers is complete! Years ago, Starscream was a regular release, while Skywarp was part of a Target exclusive set (with Ultra Magnus!). Then Thundercracker was released in a ridiculously expensive Botcon exclusive set. And now finally, Hasbro has released Thundercracker as part of the Generations sub-line. I haven't seen one in stores yet, but briefly had them in stock, and I jumped at the chance to order one. I'm not big on repaints when it comes to Transformers, but I wanted all three of the Seekers, and fortunately they're all based on a good mold. It's a nice update of the original Seekers toys, with a similar but improved transformation. It's not the most complicated Transformer, but I dig it.

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  1. Darn, I'm still waiting for a re-release of's hoping Hasbro wld do so in the coming months. Having said that, I regret not picking up Ramjet a couple of years ago on the cheap when I had the my Dirge + Thrust is missing their comrade!


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