Friday, April 22, 2011

#38: Masters of the Universe Classics - Panthor

As soon as the MOTUC Battle Cat was announced, I knew there would be an inevitable Panthor repaint. Since I actually had Panthor as a kid, I was more excited about this release than Battle Cat. When Panthor was scheduled to go on sale, I wasn't able to be at my computer, so I was a bit worried. I was able to go online about an hour after the sale started, using my phone, and I was able to place my order for Panthor in less than ten minutes with no problems. Most of that time was typing on the tiny keypad. No White Screen of Death! It appears that the rumors are true, Mattel has cleaned up their website issues and increased their production numbers.

The original Panthor was flocked, and while I would have preferred this version to have the flocking too, I can see how it wouldn't work well on a highly articulated figure like this. Panthor was originally completely unarticulated, so it worked. Otherwise, this is a repaint of Battle Cat, with a different helmet. So it definitely looks good and is well articulated. The helmet. When I first saw pictures, I thought it looked terrible, and planned to leave it off because the original Panthor didn't have a helmet. In person, I do think that the helmet looks a lot cooler than I was expecting. I dig the giant ram horns. It does look terrible in this picture, though. I guess it's not very photogenic. It does clip onto the head pretty securely. But I'll still probably be displaying it without the helmet, for the sake of the classic toy's appearance.

I think I'm done with buying MOTUC now. I've got He-Man, Skeletor, and their respective feline companions, and for me that is good enough. Although I might get a Faker next time they do a reissue. My He-Man nostalgia just isn't strong enough for me to get anything else. Matty's possibly resolved website issues aside, they're just too much for me to get more. They're nice figures, but I'm done. I'd recommend Panthor, but he's naturally sold out. I'm sure there will be a reissue!


  1. Cool! Can't wait to receive mine soon too!

  2. Good to see you've overcome your laziness to put up a new banner, er...wait.


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