Thursday, June 9, 2011

#61: Captain America The First Avenger Movie Series - Red Skull

Having finally made up my mind that I do in fact want to buy the movie Shockwave, I went to Target, and noticed a Captain America figure sitting in the Transformers section. I noticed that it was a figure from the second wave, so I immediately went over to the Captain America section of the aisle on the off chance that the Red Skull figure would be there. From checking out the case assortments online beforehand, I knew that Red Skull is inexplicably shortpacked, there being only one per case. Because the kids and collectors don't want the main villain of the movie, right? They all just want various versions of Captain America (at least most of them make sense), of course. Fortunately, there actually was a Red Skull on the pegs. Naturally it was the only one.

So he's pretty cool looking. I'm not really sure what he looks like in the movie, having only glimpsed him in the trailer, so I'll assume that's what he looks like. It looks like something the Red Skull would wear, there is a definite military feel to it. He feels like he's more solidly put together than my other figure from the line, so that is good. His leg articulation is a bit hindered by the lower portion of his jacket, and he lacks ankle articulation. For accessories, there is the big goofy rocket launcher, a pistol, and the Cosmic Cube. The Cube is pretty cool, it's translucent and has energy streaming out of it. Neat.


  1. Nice score! I'm hoping to find a Red Skull myself sometime.

  2. Nice! I hope these will be coming my way soon i want a Crossbones and now maybe the Red Skull too. : )

  3. I deliberately passed on this figure because of two reasons: He's wearing dark green. In the movie he wears black leather..and gloves!
    and 2: He has a NOSE. pained in black, mind you but a nose, anyway.
    I suspect that the minute I buy him, HASBRO will issue a movie-accurate Red Skull the next day.


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