Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#68: Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders - Charles Vanes and "Old Dad the Cooper"

My other toy birthday gift was this set of Calico Jack Minimates, the line which is conveniently being released around the same time as that pirate movie. I wasn't planning on picking up any of the sets from this line, but if I had intended to this is the set I would have gone with. Charles Vanes has risen from the dead to seek revenge, so he's a zombie pirate. A zompirate? He's got a lot of unique sculpting, so he really stands out. His companion in the set is Old Dad the Cooper (which I think is a pretty great pirate name), who has a harpoon leg. A regular old peg leg would be too boring for a member of Charles Vanes's crew, so he gets a harpoon leg. It's longer than his other leg, so it has to be bent so he can stand. He's armed with a rifle and a Wolverine claw gauntlet. Also, the skin of his head can be removed, revealing the skull beneath:

That's kind of my favorite thing about this set.

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