Saturday, June 11, 2011

#62: Captain America The First Avenger Comic Series - Crossbones

While I was surprised to find the Red Skull on the pegs, I was also surprised to see Crossbones directly behind him. I can't say that I'm familiar with the character at all, but I figured it might be my only chance to pick up the figure. Also, he looks pretty damn cool, so I went for it. Note to self: I should finally get around to buying a luchador mask.

Even though I've only got two other figures from this line, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably the best figure for the line. He even has ankle articulation! He's got a cool look, and what I consider to be the necessary articulation, and he feels well put together. I think the biggest complaint I could make is that he can't hold all his guns. There's a machine gun and a couple of machine pistols, but nowhere to store them, so there's always one extra. They also look kind of plain since they're just unpainted green plastic.

It's not often that I pick up the toy of a character I'm not familiar with, but I am definitely glad that I did in this case.


  1. Crossbones is the one figure i want from this series so far and may be Red Skull i just got to find them in my area.

  2. I found him! After two trips to our local TRU i finally scored him so next up will be U.S. Agent. : )

  3. I kind of like this figure but since I put sooo much effort in creating my own 4' Crossbones from a G.I.Joe Roadblock figure...I felt that buying this one was sort of like..cheating. Go figure!


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