Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#67: Captain America The First Avenger - Captain America Paratrooper Dive

My birthday was a few days ago, and this was a gift from A.J. This was one of the figures I wanted, but not quite enough to actually buy, so it makes for a good gift. I don't have a classic comic version of Captain America, which this figure is, and figures with functional parachutes are always cool, so this is a good combination. The Cap figure is pretty decent (and he has articulated wrists, which some of the figures in the regular line are oddly lacking). I'm not sure if the harness is removable, as I haven't tried too hard to get it off, but I suspect that it is. Naturally, his shield is included as is a machine gun. The parachute itself can disconnect from the harness. And of course, the parachute is round and decorated like the Captain's shield. It's very James Bond from The Spy Who Loved Me. I haven't yet taken it out for a test in the open, but I definitely intend to, as parachuting figures are naturally loads of fun. When else do you get to throw your toys around without worrying (as much) about breaking them?

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  1. He's Cool! I actually bought this one & had not intended to get any- but he's GOT A PARACHUTE! You CAN remove the harness by undoing the buttons/pegs on the straps...


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