Thursday, June 23, 2011

#65: LEGO - Space Moon Buggy

I've been wanting to get this set, mainly for the astronaut minifigure. But since my Target is sometimes a little behind on putting out new products, the only space themed set that they had on the shelves for a while was the space shuttle. While that has an astronaut minifigure, I didn't want to spend 30 bucks on a set that I don't have room for, even though the shuttle is pretty cool. I had the shuttle launch set when I was a kid, which was really cool, but I think I can skip it for now. But Target finally put out the rest of the space exploration sets, along with the alien invasion sets, so I was able to get the buggy.

I really dig the astronaut minifigure. The helmet/spacesuit piece is apparently reused from a diver minifigure, but cast in white with a gold visor, it looks good for an astronaut. He looks ready to take one small step for a minifigure. If your astronaut is feeling casual, there's a baseball cap included as well. Who has time for casual Friday when there's the moon to explore? The moon buggy is pretty cool, too. It's a simple build, but it works. It doesn't look like it at much (they both have six wheels), but it reminds me of the car from the old game Moon Patrol. There's a cool looking radar dish, and an arm on the back with a saw attachment. Presumably it's for taking lunar samples, but if any monsters show up it could probably be used to help fight them off.

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