Saturday, June 25, 2011

#66: Marvel Universe - Apocalypse

Last week or so, I saw it mentioned on Twitter that Wheeljack and Warpath were in stock on, but by the time I got home they were both out of stock. But the newer wave of Marvel Universe had also been added to the cart and was mostly in stock! I have been trying to find the Apocalypse figure for a while, and since finding newly released figures from the line is a dicey proposition, I took the first chance I got that didn't involve ridiculous gray market prices. As one of the X-Men's big villains, Apocalypse was one of the figures I wanted to have in my collection. Back when I was reading X-Men comics, he played a big part during the X-Ecutioner's song crossover, and of course the Age of Apocalypse event (which was also cool for bringing back Blink).

Appropriately, Apocalypse is one of the largest Marvel Universe figures. He's taller and way bulkier than Colossus. In fact, I don't remember him being quite so muscular, but one of his many vaguely defined powers is shape shifting, so I'll let it slide. I'm assuming that this is how he looks in more recent comics, because I haven't seen him in any comics since the 90s. So I do miss the big goofy A-shaped belt buckle. I think the head is the best part of the figure, it's pretty spot on, and the expression on his face is great. It makes him look like someone you really don't want to mess with. Because his limbs are so thick, they are not quite as mobile as a thinner figure with the same articulation would be. A nice touch is that they included the mysterious cables that attach to his arms, but unfortunately they also hinder movement a bit. The cables are attached to the shoulder armor, and they're all made of softer plastic. But the cables are a bit too short to allow the arms to move forward, which is unfortunate. Overall though, I think that it's a cool enough looking figure that I can overlook the shortcomings of it.


  1. My friend joked that he has George Foreman Grills for shoulder pads! :)


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