Sunday, July 3, 2011

#69: Superman/Batman: Vengeance - Batzarro

So a little while ago, I randomly decided that I should get the Batzarro figure. He's the wavemate of that Bizarro figure I have, so I thought they would make a nice pairing. Batzarro is hardly a major character, so it's not very likely that another figure will be made of him. Basically a Bizarro version of Batman, he is the world's worst detective. The batsymbol is upside down because reversing it like Bizarro's S-shield wouldn't work. Correspondingly, the utility belt is upside down, with all the flaps open. Since Batman is stealthy, Batzarro wears chains so that he can never sneak up on anybody. And he apparently has no eyes. The articulation isn't the greatest since it's a DC Direct product from a couple years ago. But it does look cool, especially as it is based on the artwork of Ed McGuinness, who has a distinctly cartoony style that I dig. Maybe Batzarro will make a comeback in the upcoming DC reboot. Okay, probably not. But I would buy a Batzarro comic. Maybe.


  1. "But I would buy a Batzarro comic."

    That means you wouldn't buy a Batzarro comic, right?

  2. I love this action figure, I mean... 'Me hate this dolly!'

  3. Hi Mario!, you have a great blog, nice figures. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know to send you info on my site ^^


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