Sunday, July 31, 2011

#81: Marvel Universe - Archangel

Lately, I've been visiting Target more frequently, in expectations of the toy aisle reset that's supposed to be finished today. There have been tales online of people finding things put out weeks early, but there hasn't been too much of that at mine. Fortunately, there has been some new stock put out from the Marvel Universe line. I've been looking for Archangel a long time, and when I got to the Marvel Universe section, I was surprised to see him on the very end of the peg, in front of all the other toys. Naturally, I immediately grabbed it, checking to see if there were any more out of curiosity. There weren't any others, so I'm glad I had good timing  and was able to find one.

I generally think action figures with big wings are pretty cool, and Archangel was appearing in X-Men comics back in the 90s when I read them, so this figure was a must get for me. Fortunately, it turned out pretty well. The paint on mine seems pretty good, and the articulation is the basic stuff. The wings are pretty damn cool looking, though. They even included the weird little secondary wings behind the main ones that I always wondered about. What are they there for? I don't know if more Archangel figures are being shipped out, or my Target was finally putting out stock that's been sitting in the back room. So maybe more are showing up all over the place. If you're into Marvel Universe figures, I'd say this is one worth hunting down to add to your collection.

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