Saturday, July 30, 2011

#79: Transformers Reveal the Shield - Optimus Prime

Like the last wave of Generations that included Wheeljack and Warpath, the last wave of Reveal the Shield legends class toys featured cool G1 characters and was difficult to find in stores. I happened to be browsing Entertainment Earth's site, and noticed they had the three I wanted, with only one Megatron left in stock. So I ordered them on the spot. Unfortunately, someone else must have ordered a split second before me, because Megatron is currently backordered. But I got the other two! So here's Optimus Prime, legends class style. If you're unaware, the legends class is the smallest and simplest class of Transformers toys that actually transform. In Japan, there has been a line of even smaller Transformers, but they're expensive, so I'll do without.

Optimus Prime here has his classic original alt mode, a red truck.

The conversion process is pretty similar to the original toy, and results in a pretty decent looking bot mode which is about 3 inches tall. For its size, it's pretty well articulated, and it looks cool too. It's so small, you can take it anywhere without too much hassle. I'm sure kids would love this, but due to its scarcity, I'm guessing it has mostly ended up in the hands of adult collectors.

Don't forget, there is about a day left in my contest. For all you last minute entrants, it's the last minute! So get your entries in!

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  1. Now this one i want! I have not how ever seen this one anywhere before in my area.


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