Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Year of Toys needs YOU! aka CONTEST TIME!

Hey all, it's time for my first ever contest here at A Year of Toys! You may have noticed that I still have the banner from April Fool's Day up in slightly edited form. I've been meaning to replace it with a new one, but so far inspiration hasn't struck. Now, that's where you come in. The contest is simple: design a new banner for A Year of Toys, and you could be the winner!

So what's at stake in this contest, you ask? Well, the winning entry will be used as the banner for A Year of Toys at least through the end of the year (maybe longer!). If the satisfaction of a job well done isn't enough for you, then how about a time machine? More specifically, how about the Hot Wheels Back to the Future Time Machine?

That's right, this hard to find Hot Wheels DeLorean can be yours!

So, now the rules:

1) Make a banner, and send it to me as an attachment at marioshoku gmail com with the subject line "A Year of Toys Banner Contest Submission."

2) Deadline is midnight July 31st (California time).

3) You must be a follower of A Year of Toys. Not a follower already? Just click the "follow" button up at the top of the blog!

4) Be creative and have fun! I am the sole judge of this contest, so the criteria are completely subjective. There is nothing in particular I'm looking for, but I'm more likely to pick a winner that creates a banner with a theme I enjoy (Bakugan themed banners probably won't win, unless they are based on a really awesome idea).

5) You must agree to allow me to post your submission in an upcoming blog post, and to be used as A Year of Toy's banner if it is chosen as the winner.

6) Only one submission per participant will be allowed. If you're feeling really inspired and come up with many banners, feel free to send them along, but be sure to specify which one is your official entry to the contest.

I look forward to seeing your submissions! Within a day or so of the contest's conclusion, I will post all of the submissions and announce the winner.


  1. Do I have any competition? I don't wanna have a walkover and win by default!

  2. You're the only contestant so far! I'll be posting some reminders before the end of the contest, so you should have some competition.


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