Friday, July 15, 2011

#71: Marvel Universe - Doctor Doom

So last week, I was checking out the toy area at Target, hoping there would finally be something new in the Star Wars section, when I was shocked to see the Marve Universe pegs completely full. I was even more surprised to find that there were new figures on the pegs, including Doctor Doom. Sadly, there was no Doctor Strange, so my Marvel Doctors collection is yet incomplete.

As far as I can tell, this is a re-release of the Doctor Doom figure from the Secret Wars comic pack with a slightly different color scheme. The comic pack version is a more bright green, while this one is more subdued. It's a very cool looking figure, which is helped by the body parts all being newly sculpted pieces for Doom. Even the ridges in the armor are sculpted in, which is a nice touch. There's not a lot of paintwork on the figure, and mostly it's good. The paint on the cloak's chain looks a bit sloppy, and it looked that way on all three of the figures that were available to look at. I don't know if it's just my figure, but the joints on this Doom feel a little loose. Given that the figure was originally released in the line's history, that may be normal. Marvel Universe figures have generally been improving as the line goes along. Overall though, it's definitely a cool figure and worth picking up if you find one.


  1. it was because you mentioned him on the podcast that i was on the look-out for him- wanted him, but not in the 2 pack, then ...there he was :)will post soon ;)

  2. I neeeed this one!!! I didn't get the 2-pack because I don't care for Absorbing man...hope I can find one of these though!

  3. I too am on the hunt for Doctor Strange. : )

  4. Nice catch! I have the earlier Doom (one which came with Ab-Man) I didn't snag this one. But strangely enough (pardon the pun!) Dr Strange can be found almost everywhere here in KL, Malaysia, when he's pretty rare everywhere else....


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