Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#566 DC Universe Classics - B'Dg

Hey all.  If you haven't figured out by the numbering in the title, that this isn't Mario that's posting, well, it isn't.  It's a guest post, and I'm Novelty from Toy a Day blog.  I'm doing this crazy thing today of reviewing a three pack on three different blogs, two of which are guest blogs - this one, and another one on Killer B Hive.  The anchor to everything is on my own blog.

B'dg is a green lantern sentient squirrel creature, and he comes in a three pack with Despotellis and Dex-Starr.  He's recently created (comic-wise) and hails from a planet of sentient squirrels.

The sculpt is brand new and I think it's amazing.  The face actually looks furry eventhough it's hard plastic.  Ditto with the tail.  The paintwork on the critter is good, and there are even splotches on the tail that resembles that found in real life squirrels.  Even the small Green Lantern ring on his white fist is well painted.  For such a small figure, B'Dg has six points of articulations at the neck, tail, hips and shoudlers.  And the plus here is that one doesn't have to worry about catching rabies from B'Dg.

Despite his short stature, B'Dg fits in nicely with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, and he adds another non-human face to my GLC display.

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