Monday, July 18, 2011

#72: DC Universe Classics - Blue Beetle

So, this is my first purchase from If you haven't heard of it, you can probably figure out what it's all about based on the name. They've had a few interesting items for sale, but so far nothing that moved me to actually order one. Then last week, they put up the DCUC version of the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, which is the oh so rare uniquely sculpted figure in that line. According to, he is the best 6 inch figure by Mattel ever. So the price was decent, and shipping was free, so I went for it.

I haven't read any comics that feature this version of Blue Beetle, so I am mostly familiar with him from his appearances in the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon. From that, I do like the character, so it is good to have a figure of him.This is definitely one of Mattel's strongest efforts in the DCUC line. As mentioned before, it's a completely new sculpt, with very little chance of reuse. There's plenty of detail in the sculpt rather than the typical practice of details being made through the use of paint alone. Articulation is a step above the standard DCUC as well, featuring double hinged knees and elbows, with swivel/hinge wrists. Even the head has a better range of motion, being able to look up and down easily as well as tilting side to side. As for accessories, there is a blade attachment that is made of soft plastic so it doesn't necessarily hold on to the arm as well as you might hope. Also the wings are detachable.

So I think I will have to agree, this is Mattel's finest effort in the DCUC line. Definitely worth picking up. Even if you aren't familiar with the character, the toy is strong enough on its own merits, and the design is pretty damn cool too.

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