Thursday, October 6, 2011

#108: LEGO Minifigures - Graduate

So I finally found the fifth LEGO minifigure series! I was beginning to lose hope that they would ever show up at my Target. I only actually found them accidentally. I've been checking the LEGO section and the Halloween section lately keeping an eye out for these, with no success. Then I happened to see one of the minifigure bags sitting on the shelf by the GI Joes. I checked the LEGO and  Halloween sections with no sign of the minifigures. So I did an aisle by aisle sweep of the entire toy section. Finally, I found the display box. Next to the Littlest Pet Shop toys. Yeah, they were on an aisle where basically everything else was packaged in bright pink. What the hell, Target?

So like the last couple times, I spent way too much time standing around feeling minifigure pieces through the packaging to find the figures I wanted. The graduate was pretty easy to find due to the diploma, which is the only flat square shaped piece in the series. I like the idea of having a LEGO guy in a mortarboard which is the main reason I picked this one up. The robe works well enough, as a stiff cloth piece that fits on the neck peg and has to be folded into shape.

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