Sunday, October 30, 2011

#127: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Ponda Baba (Walrus Man)

After literally months of waiting, my local Target FINALLY put out some new Vintage figures. I missed out on casemate Bastila Shan, but Ponda Baba was sitting right on the end of a peg, and I grabbed it immediately. Along with Dr Evazan, I've been waiting for the new Ponda Baba figure for a while, and I'm glad to finally have it, because it's pretty damn cool. The best part of this figure is the accessories. Apparently in the movie, he has some weird paddle hands up until the point Obi-Wan cuts his arm off, and in the close up of his severed limb, the hand is furry. Since that close up is the best look we get at his hands, that's what I consider the proper look, so those are the hands I'll be using for display (and it's the only set that can hold the glass). In addition to that, there are two swappable right arms. One is regular, and one has can be split in two for post Obi-Wan tussle action. They even added paint apps to the ends of the stubs to match the blood. It's true, lightsabers cauterize, but in the movie there is definitely a bit of blood present in the close up. So basically I really like this guy, and I think it makes a good addition to any collection, if you can find one.


  1. It seems like this wave is easier to get than previous waves. I grabbed this guy as soon as I saw him a week a two ago, and since then, I have seen him hanging around on the pegs a bit.

    I was excited about this figure, but now that I have him in hand, I thinks he's just "okay". He seems too tall for my tastes, and his severed arm really doesn't look that great. This, of course, is just one geek's opinion.

    One note: He CAN hold his gun and glass in his "flipper" hand. You just have to squeeze them in between the "fingers" on the palm.

  2. Oow that is nice. Will look for Leesub.

  3. They even added paint apps to the ends of the stubs to match the blood swtor credits swtor credits


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