Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#121: Star Wars - Republic Commando: Delta Squad

So this was a Toys R Us Comic Con exclusive that immediately sold out when it was made available on the website. A couple months later, they finally got more in stock, and I was finally able to order it. I never played the Republic Commandos game for the original XBOX, but I'm a clone fan so this is a set I wanted to get. Plus it makes up for the fact that I never got my hands on a Scorch figure way back when it was originally released. Now I've got a better version, so it worked out. 

The original Scorch figure had no knee or ankle articulation, but Delta Squad all have full leg articulation. They're all the same body, differentiated by paint, backpacks, and guns. Also, there's a Geonosian warrior. I've never had a Geonosian figure, so I'm not sure if it's a new sculpt or anything, but it's well articulated. Even the wings can fold out, so they can be spread or tucked behind the back. It's a good enough figure, but I'm not really into them, so something else could have been put in its place and I wouldn't miss it. Overall though, the set is pretty cool for clone collectors. Currently it's in stock at Toysrus.com, and it's a few bucks cheaper than when I got it. Geez. Thanks a lot, TRU.

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